Rick Perry 'Strong' Video Spoofed By Andy Cobb (VIDEO)

Before Tuesday, we didn't think it was possible to draw a comparison between President Obama's repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and the "War on Christmas," but Texas Governor Rick Perry proved us wrong when he did just that in his new campaign ad.

We were definitely expecting the parodies to roll in, and first up to bat is Andy Cobb of The Partisans on The Second City Network. Less than 24 hours after Perry put on his workman's jacket and took a stroll in the woods to make "Strong," Cobb released the satirical ad above entitled, "Weak, Man," mimicking the same ad with a tolerant non-believer's point of view.

Cobb writes on his YouTube page:

"Honestly, if kids 'observed' Christmas any harder in schools than they already do, they would be elves. And liberals don't hate religion, we're just too busy drum circling, same-sex marrying, and not owning guns to bother."