Rick Reilly, ESPN Personality, Licks The Gold Dome At Colorado Capitol For Doubting Rockies


Give Rick Reilly credit for sticking to his word. The ESPN columnist and personality promised on the Mike Rosen show in April that if the Rockies made the playoffs, he would "tongue-bathe the capital dome." Sure enough, Reilly was in Denver Tuesday to live up to his wager.

With Governor Ritter at his side, Reilly didn't exactly leave the dome spotless, as he--technically--promised, but photographic evidence confirms he did in fact lick Denver's iconic golden dome.

Reilly, a Colorado native who attended CU, calls himself a Rockies fan. In 2007--the last time the Rockies were in the playoffs--Reilly riffed on Rockies Fans' long-standing misery in his Sports Illustrated Column:

"A roof on Coors Field? Do you even know the Colorado Rockies? Their season is usually over by July! I would've bet that Denver would host the World Surfing Championship before the World Series! Everyone in Denver is looking at each other and saying, 'What will we get next? Wimbledon?' "

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