Sportswriter Who Golfed With Trump Reveals Exactly How He Cheats At The Game

Rick Reilly spills the beans on Trump’s “fake as Velveeta cheese” golf championships.

Sportswriter Rick Reilly is calling BS on Donald Trump after the former president declared himself the winner of both the club championship and senior club championship at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida.

“He’s never won a championship at a course he doesn’t own and operate,” Reilly, who has golfed with Trump, said on MSNBC on Tuesday. “He’s played in Pebble Beach, he’s played in the Tahoe one, where there are rules and judges and cameras. And in those, he’s never finished in the top half. So he wins when anybody who disagrees that he won is out of the club. That’s how he gets it.”

Reilly, who wrote an entire book on how Trump cheats at golf, said the former president even confessed one of his methods: When he buys a golf course, he plays the first round alone and declares himself the course champion.

And that’s not the only trick up Trump’s sleeve.

Reilly said golfers have to trust each other because of the vast distances on the course and the fact that no referees are keeping watch ― and Trump takes full advantage of that.

The former president “always gets a turbo-charged golf cart that goes three times as fast as yours, so he’s always 200 yards ahead, and that gives him time to cheat.”

Trump moves his ball to better spots and kicks his opponents’ balls into the bunker.

“One time in L.A., he was playing $50 a hole with these three guys, he hits it in the pond. They see the splash,” Reilly said. “By the time they get there, it’s in the middle of the fairway, and they’re like, ‘What the F, Donald?’ And he goes, ‘It must’ve been the tide.’”

Reilly said Trump cheats “like a mafia accountant” and called his latest championships “fake as Velveeta cheese.”

See his full interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace below:

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