Rick Sanchez Skewers Cable News Industry

Rick Sanchez Skewers The Industry That Ruined His Life

Nearly a year after his controversial comments about Jon Stewart and Jews got him fired from CNN, Rick Sanchez is speaking out—and he isn't holding back about his low opinion of the business that kicked him to the curb.

The former host spoke to TVNewser, and called cable news an "ugly, nasty and vitriolic" business.

"Every day, it’s a knife fight in an alley, and you don’t walk away from a knife fight without a lot of blood on you,” he said.

Sanchez was fired from his gig as host of "Rick's List" after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" and seeming to say that Jews run the media.

He is now in talks to co-host a talk show out of South Florida, to be produced in English and Spanish. He is also set to begin a stint volunteering as a football commentator at Miami's Florida International University, where both his sons attend school, this fall.

Months after his firing, he pleaded for the media to let him move on, referring to his controversial remarks as a "misconstrued comment" that changed the course of his career.

Speaking to TVNewser, Sanchez blamed the circumstances that surrounded his departure from CNN on his insistence on working without a script. He acknowledged that if he did it again, “I would read every single word of every script, right off the ‘prompter,” adding, "Folks who do that are the ones who are beloved.”

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