Rick Sanchez Gets New Show "Rick's List" On CNN, Cuts Into "Situation Room"

MSNBC isn't the only network shaking up dayside.

CNN will be changing things up on January 18th, when Rick Sanchez will get a second hour, anchoring a new show called "Rick's List" from 3-5PM. He currently anchors the 3PM hour but the hour is not branded as his show.

"The Situation Room" will be cut back an hour, and will air from 5-7PM.

Politico's Michael Calderone reports that "CNN president Jon Klein, on the morning editorial call, told staffers that both Wolf Blitzer and Sanchez are pleased with the decision."

Sanchez Tweeted:

Hey guys, new CNN show beginning Jan 18th, weekdays 3-5pm ET. "Rick's List"- Who will make the list?

MSNBC recently announced plans to move Dylan Ratigan to the 4PM hour and launch a new 9AM show, "The Daily Rundown," anchored by Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie. David Shuster and Tamron Hall will continue to anchor from 3-4PM.

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