Rick Sanchez: 'The Representation Of Latinos In The Media Today Is Deplorable' (VIDEO)

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez appeared on HuffPost Live on Tuesday to talk about the presence of Latinos in the media, and to discuss his role on MundoFox, a new Spanish-language network.

Sanchez -- who is still best-known for the incendiary comments he made about Jon Stewart that got him fired from CNN in 2010 -- is making something of a comeback. He anchored election coverage for Fox News Latino and will contribute daily segments to MundoFox.

"We think there's a big enough audience out there," he said of MundoFox. "I'm really, really excited about this. I think this is a whole new fun world to conquer.

Sanchez had harsh words, however, when it came to the presence of Latinos in the news media. A 2012 study, for example, found that Latinos made up just three percent of the guests on Sunday shows, despite being 17 percent of the population.

"The representation of Latinos in the media today is deplorable," Sanchez said. "...When you watch the Sunday morning talk shows, they talk about issues that are important to America. Latinos are important to America. Latinos live in America ... so the idea that you're only going to invite us when there's something that happens that affects us is ridiculous."