Rick Sanchez Simulates Being Trapped In Sinking Car (VIDEO)

CNN's Rick Sanchez loves filing reports that are physically demanding. Most famously Sanchez explored the effects of getting tasered (if you haven't seen that video please scroll to the bottom of this post and watch it immediately), but this time he's turned his sights on what to do if you're trapped in a sinking car that's rapidly filling up with water.

Sanchez engages a host of professionals to help him in his elaborate simulation. Julius Wiggins, a Miami police dive master, had some particularly sage, if direct, advice: "Seat belt first, then unlock the car door, then roll down the window, and then start climbing out."

In case you were curious about Sanchez's state of mind going into this, he helpfully turns somber before the camera and tells us:

This is one of those stories that really makes you fight your demons. My father always said, 'if you're scared, just say you're scared.' Guess what folks, I'm a little scared.

WATCH: (h/t Jon)

Bonus video: Rick Sanchez gets tasered (at the end of the video).

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