Rick Sanchez Takes On Obama "Birther" Movement (VIDEO)

Rick Sanchez Takes On Obama "Birther" Movement (VIDEO)

CNN's Rick Sanchez did a bit of public service announcement on Tuesday, reading President Obama's birth certificate on air for all the skeptics out there.

The segment was prompted by a "birther" hijacking a press conference held by Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) to accuse him of ignoring the scandal.

It's a "completely unfounded story," Sanchez said, and then repeated himself for emphasis. "There's something strange about even having to do this story," he said, but so many people believe it that "it needs to be addressed."

Sanchez had on conservative radio host Ben Ferguson, who said he had banned the topic from his show. However, Ferguson suggested the onus was on the White House to take out his birth certificate and show it to the public. Sanchez pointed out that members of the media, including two from Factcheck.org, were shown the certificate and documents. Viveca Novak, the deputy director at Factcheck.org, was on hand to corroborate and even had pictures of the papers.

Ferguson stood his ground. Pointing out that Obama has a press conference tomorrow night, he suggested the president "make a joke and show it then." Novak pointed out that it might be "a little unpresidential" to go on national television and defend the facts of his birth against a group of fringe extremists.

Sanchez ended with even more evidence -- the birth announcement in a Hawaii paper. But its doubtful that anyone who has held onto this delusion in the face of so much evidence can be convinced.


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