Rick Santelli CNBC Rant Casts 'Shame' On The Wealthy

CNBC loose cannon and in-house barn burner Rick Santelli let fly a mostly incoherent stream of rage against the wealthy on Friday morning.

As if to cement his spot in the TV hall of fame of epic ranters, the former finance professional and Tea Party hero grew so impassioned criticizing so-called Democrat "tax fairness" that he stormed off camera.

"It's reprehensible that people go to Charlotte [for the Democratic National Convention] and say 'fairness' and then they run to try to beat the taxman," he hollered at fellow CNBC reporter Steve Liesman. "Shame on them! I can't even talk about it anymore."

And then he was gone.

The rant was apparently in response to a Wall Street Journal op-ed outlining Costco's recent issuing of a special dividend to avoid an expected tax hike due to the fiscal cliff. Liesman countered that a different WSJ op-ed failed to show President George W. Bush's less than stellar record for economic growth.

Surprise, surprise, Santelli didn't like that either.

"Don't give me the switcheroo!" he screamed.



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