Rick Santorum's Gmail Inbox Reveals The Truth About GOP Candidate (PICTURE)

Filed under "words we never thought we'd type": Rick Santorum looks to be the Republican frontrunner for president right now. Since America has caught Santorum fever (side effects: pink eye), plenty of humor has been directed at the former Pennsylvania senator. (For instance, real life.)

A peek into Santorum's Gmail inbox, posted by "Shit My Dad Says" creator Justin Halpern, reveals that Santorum's correspondence with Mitt Romney, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin can tell us a lot about Santorum's candidacy. This 100% real inbox pulls back the curtain in ways we couldn't believe.

Just kidding, there's no way this is Santorum's inbox. Come on, you believe Rick uses Gmail? The guy is probably the last remaining customer of Juno.