Florida Governor Rick Scott's Popularity Plunges To Record Low

For Rick Scott, every day's a new record -- and each one seems worse than before. New numbers from Public Policy Polling show the Florida Governor's approval ratings have hit a new low at 26 percent, a 7 percent slide from a previous personal worst this past June.

In fact, PPP says, the latest poll makes Scott the least-liked governor in the entire United States.

Scott’s numbers with Democrats are pretty much unchanged compared to then and his standing with independents has gotten a little better. What’s really caused the bottom to drop out for him is that even Republicans are starting to really sour on his leadership. In June Scott had a 63/30 approval spread with them. That’s now dropped all the way down to 46/31.

The poll suggests the former healthcare exec would lose a hypothetical rematch with also-ran Alex Sink, 53-37 -- and be crushed 55-32 if former governor (and Miami booty-lover) Charlie Crist reentered politics and ran against Scott tomorrow.

Perhaps worst of all, PPP said in a statement that Crist, with a 48 percent approval rating, enjoys the most love of any politician in Florida, including Barack Obama, Bill Nelson, and Marco Rubio. It's pretty slim pickings for the Sunshine State when no one currently in office can even hover near 50 percent.

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