Rick Scott Denies That He Didn't Want To Debate Charlie Crist Over Electric Fan

It took seven minutes for Gov. Rick Scott (R) to walk on stage for Wednesday night’s Florida gubernatorial debate against Democratic opponent Charlie Crist, but Scott said it wasn't an electric fan that caused his holdup.

Speaking Thursday on the Laura Ingraham Show, Scott told the conservative radio host the allegations he would not debate with any electronic equipment on stage aren't true.

"There was this one guy that said that I didn't want to come out -- which was never true," Scott said. "I never said I wouldn't go on stage."

He went on to explain his late appearance, saying Crist said he wouldn't show up on stage without an electronic fan.

"Charlie said, 'I'm not going to show up with the fan.' And I said, 'Fine, I'll just wait. Whenever you guys are ready to go, I'll just wait.' And he threw a fit," Scott said. "As soon as they were ready for me, I came out."

Scott implied that Crist, who served as Florida governor from 2007 to 2011 as a Republican before switching to the Democrat Party in 2012, was concerned over his record and should have asked for something other than an electric fan.

"And here is the way I think about it: Charlie has to go out there and worry about his record," said Scott. "I'm surprised he brought a fan when he should've asked for dry ice."

This wasn't the first time Crist used an electric fan to startle a political challenger. During the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary, Tom Gallagher, Crist's political adversary, was opposed to Crist bringing a fan on stage. Crist reportedly brought an electric fan with him when he traveled back in 2008.

Scott and Crist will face each other once again for one final debate on Oct. 21 in Jacksonville, Florida. The debate will air on CNN at 7 p.m. ET.



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