Rick Scott Not Favored By Florida Voters For A Second Term: Poll

Most Florida voters, including Republicans, would like to see Gov. Rick Scott (R) challenged in 2014, according to a poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University.

More than half of voters said Scott didn't deserve a second term, and 55 percent, including 53 percent of Republicans, wanted another candidate to challenge the governor in a primary. Scott's approval ratings, though improved from 2011, were also underwater.

Voters were more likely than not to say they liked Scott as a person, but just a third said they approved of most of his policies.

"Gov. Rick Scott's ratings with voters are just plain awful. The numbers cannot be sugar-coated," Quinnipiac's assistant director of polling, Peter A. Brown, said, noting that the only silver lining for the GOP was the chance of finding a more electable nominee. "When voters in a politician's own party want him to be challenged in a primary by another candidate, it's difficult to see it as anything but outright rejection."

Although the poll didn't test potential matchups, it found that former Gov. Charlie Crist, who recently switched parties, and 2010 gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink were among the best known Democratic candidates. Both had stronger favorable ratings than Scott, although Crist's, at 47 percent, is at a personal low ebb.

Scott has already raised $5 million for his reelection efforts, according to the Miami Herald.

The Quinipiac poll surveyed 1,261 voters by phone between Dec. 11 and 17, with a 2.8 percent margin of error.



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