Rick Scott Security Blocks Silent Protestor Ana Lee Case At Office Depot Event

A silent protestor was blocked by Florida Governor Rick Scott's security team during an appearance in South Florida Thursday morning.

As first reported by the Associated Press, Ana Lee Case stood near Scott during a donation of school supplies at an Office Depot in Delray Beach.

Her sign, which read "Call The Session," referred to the activist group Dream Defenders' demand for a legislative session dealing with the state's "Stand Your Ground" law and other issues related to the Trayvon Martin case.

The AP's Kelli Kennedy reports a security officer "forcefully stood and blocked" a silent Case, while other attendees were free to move about:

A security guard stood in front of Case and forced her to back up, then stood nose to nose with her asking questions. Case, 25, stood quietly for the rest of the nearly hour-long event, but was flanked by two police officers and was told she would be escorted from the building if she took one step forward. Case told officials she was not armed.

After the event, while Scott was talking to reporters, Case yelled "Justice for Trayvon!" and was escorted from the building.

"I want to make sure that Gov. Scott doesn't want to see all these beautiful children today racially profiled," she told a reporter, criticizing the governor for not engaging more with protesters at the Capitol.

Scott, it seems, is unable to avoid protestors both at home and on the road. The Dream Defenders have occupied his office in the capitol since mid-July, sleeping on the marble floor and hosting visitors including Jesse Jackson and Harry Belafonte.

And on the road in South Florida, he's fared no better: in addition to Case's appearance at Office Depot, protestors also met him at a back to school appearance at a Miami-area Walmart on Wednesday. While Scott spoke, several demonstrators sat on the floor in front of him, one holding a sign declaring him a "bad apple."

Outside, a crowd railed against Scott, who has "failed to address the needs of black and brown youth," according to Students Working For Equal Rights member Jose Machado.

Staffers "hastened to remove" Scott when the protestors found him talking to reporters at a side entrance, according to the Miami Herald, but Machado pledged the group would meet Scott at any appearance in South Florida.



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