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Rick Steves' Radio Gets the Gold

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This year the Society of American Travel Writers recognized my public radio show Travel with Rick Steves with a prestigious Lowell Thomas Award Gold Medal. While perhaps not as well-known as my guidebooks and television show, my weekly radio show is one of my favorite endeavors. Rather than being the guide, I get to be the curious traveler--I act as a conduit between experts on travel/cultural topics and my traveling listeners. We're in our eighth year and air on over 200 stations, so I'm thrilled this show and its talented production crew are getting the recognition they deserve. Here's a huge thanks to the show's producer--Tim Tattan--and his production assistants--Sarah McCormic and Isaac Kaplan-Woolner. This show is great because of their hard work and expertise.

In particular, the award committee recognized our 2012 Mother's Day episode that followed a mom as she relocated her family to a village in Croatia, an American raising her first child in Paris, and a tribute to my own mother after her death in 2011. You can listen to it below.

Our weekly program is available free to any public radio station, so if your station isn't airing it, ask them why. You can also go to Rick Steves Radio to browse our archive and subscribe to our podcast. All my interviews are a simple click away.

Congrats again to Tim Tattan and his staff for crafting a beautiful program.