Rick Warren: I Don't Hate Gays, I Gave Them Water And Donuts

Rick Warren: I Don't Hate Gays, I Gave Them Water And Donuts

ThinkProgress has pulled a preview of Dateline NBC's interview with Rick Warren, who's been tapped by Barack Obama to deliver the invocation at the upcoming inaugural, disputing the premise that his hostility toward gay rights makes him homophobic. His reasoning is pretty hilarious. Painfully so!

Q: Your position has raised the specter that you are homophobic.

WARREN: Hahahah! [...]

Q: Are you homophobic?

WARREN: Of course not. I have always treated them with respect. When they come and wanna talk to me, I talk to 'em. When the protesters came, we served them water and donuts.


Yes! Because the founders accurately foresaw the advent of the DONUT as the great leveling force in society, hence the clause in the 14th Amendment which I'm sure I missed that reads "...equal protection of the laws (*Void where prohibited. Some restrictions apply. Certain citizens will instead receive some lovely consolation prizes including some donuts and the Democracy Yahtzee! home game.)

On a related note, this all but guarantees that during the invocation, Rick Warren will be pelted with donuts. Listen carefully for the shouts of "This is a farewell kiss, you dog!" and don't say I didn't warn you.

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