Rick Warren Publicly Condemns Uganda Anti-Gay Law (VIDEO)

Rick Warren Publicly Condemns Uganda Anti-Gay Law (VIDEO)

Pastor Rick Warren, after weeks of avoiding the issue, has publicly condemned a Ugandan law that makes it legal to give people the death penalty just for being gay.

Addressed directly to the pastors of Uganda, Warren's video message said he "completely oppose[s] and vigorously condemn[s]" the bill.

Warren also defensively suggested he would prefer to work behind the scenes, but he was forced to go to the media due to accusations that he was associated with the effort in Uganda. He said "this terrible bill" is "unjust, it's extreme, and it's un-Christian."

Truth Wins Out, a non-profit devoted to fighting anti-gay propaganda, responded positively.

"We applaud Rick Warren for speaking out with force and clarity on a bill that would lead to the persecution and prosecution of gay and lesbian Ugandans," executive director Wayne Besen said. "Today, Warren showed true moral courage and stood for what is right and just. We urge other leading pastors and world leaders to stand up and condemn Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill."

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