GOP Strategist Taunts Trump After Twitter Meltdown: We Found Your 'Weak Spot'

Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project said Trump lost "his damn mind" over the group's latest ad.

President Donald Trump flipped out over the latest ad by a group of his conservative critics. And they’re just thrilled about it.

“We have known all along what a weak man Donald Trump is, how mentally infirm he is, how easily he can be set off,” longtime Republican strategist Rick Wilson, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, told Lawrence O’Donnell on Tuesday.

Wilson said the organization found the president’s “weak spot” in the ad, which takes a concept from an old campaign ad used by former President Ronald Reagan and turns it around on Trump.

Reagan’s 1984 reelection ad was called “Morning in America,” and claimed that he had made the nation “prouder and stronger and better.” The Lincoln Project’s anti-Trump ad is titled “Mourning in America” and focuses on the loss of lives due to the novel coronavirus. The spot also blames Trump for creating a “weaker and sicker and poorer” nation.

Trump attacked the group in a series of tweets Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon, and then again when speaking to reporters.

“He demonstrated for 12 straight hours in a row that he could be compared to Ronald Reagan, had the truth told about it and he would absolutely lose his damn mind,” Wilson said.

“We expected this ad to hit,” he added. “We did not expect him to behave in the completely maniacally way he behaved all day today, but here we are.”

See more of Wilson’s conversation with O’Donnell above.

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