Rickey Smiley responds to 'business decision' at 97.9 The Beat in Dallas

Social media lit up last weekend with news that The Rickey Smiley Morning Show would end in Dallas and no longer be heard on 97.9 The Beat. Early reports erroneously reported that the show would be replaced with a revival of sorts for the "Mark in the Morning" (which ended last year) fueling rumors of a format change, but the syndicated show which began in Dallas has been replaced by talent at the Dallas station, Veda Loca.  Smiley had no time for bitterness or shade, but set the tone in the video by addressing the change purely as a business decision.

Watch the video, below.

With syndication ruling the airwaves, the move came as a huge shock, though many listeners loathe 'piped in' shows which currently dominate the landscape of local radio. Many listen to Smiley's morning show and watch the show's segments on "Dish Nation" later in the day, so the unexpected and unprecedented move comes as a shock to listeners who have taken to social media to express their shock, anger and to demand Smiley's return.

Smiley being the great sport he is returned the favor in kind. In a nearly 10 minute live video, he encouraged listeners to instead of actually support Veda Loca and her new morning show. Recounting her support to the team in its infancy which began at the station, Smiley stated repeatedly how deserving of the prominent time slot (dominated by men) he feels Veda Loca is.

As we've grown to expect from Rickey Smiley, he didn't deliver his message without a little preach to it. Smiley told viewers of the video to understand the importance of letting some things go in order to receive new ones. He let viewers know that he's currently on a press tour for his newest book "Stand By Your Truth" and has no time for bitterness when he's actually increasing.

Smiley will no longer be on the air in Dallas- a top five media market in America, but remains on the other markets he is currently heard in. Other rumors speculated that the show would be going away altogether, which is unfounded.

Smiley encouraged everyone to give Veda Loca a chance, which is what he got when Steve Harvey left the market in Dallas. He stands by the station's decision and encourages listeners to continue supporting the station. That's how you handle change, embrace it!

You can still see all the team's antics on "Dish Nation" and follow them on their very active social channels!

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