Ricky Gervais And Steve Carell Together At Last On 'The Office' (VIDEO)

The international branches of 'The Office' have finally collided.

British comedian Ricky Gervais created and starred in the original, two-season British vintage of the workplace comedy, playing painfully awkward and desperate boss David Brent. Steve Carell made the role his own as Michael Scott in the long-running US version, and now as Carell's time on the show winds down, it was finally time for the two to meet.

Gervais made an appearance on the show on Thursday, a brief meeting between the two that delivers entirely on the common hilarity of their characters.

And, Gervais isn't the only huge comedy name to lend his talents to 'The Office' this season: Will Ferrell will star in a four-episode arc at the end of this season to help see Carell off the show.

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