Ricky Martin Opens Up About Expanding His Family, Upcoming 'Big' Wedding

“I like the noise of children running around the house. I want daddy’s little girl now.”

Ricky Martin recently sat down with “CBS Sunday Morning’s” to chat about his Las Vegas residency and used the opportunity to look both back on his career and discuss his plans for expanding his family.

The 45-year-old singer, who is currently rolling out his biggest hits in front of up to 5,200 fans each night at the Monte Carlo hotel until September, told CBS’s Tracy Smith that he’s still “addicted” to performing. 

“It forces me to analyze my emotions, because that’s what the audience wants,” he said. “The audience wants you to be transparent — to be real, to be honest. Even when I had to hide things about my persona, on stage, I wasn’t. On stage I was just completely open.”

It wasn’t until 2010 that Martin chose to be “completely open” off stage too, and came out as gay via a message on his website that read, in part, “I am a fortunate homosexual man.”

Martin says it was his two sons, born via surrogate in 2008, that made him decide to open up about his sexuality even though he was “afraid of rejection” and “everyone” had told him his “feelings were evil” and “not godly.”

“If I’m not honest with my kids, what am I teaching them? I’m teaching them to lie,” told Smith.

Now, he’s “the happiest man ever since” and is ready for more children ― this time with his fiance, Jwan Yosef, who he met on Instagram and chatted with online for six months about “art and about life ― nothing sexy” before being hit by “love at first sight” when they finally saw each other in person.

“I want a big family,” Martin told Smith. “I like the noise of children running around the house. I want daddy’s little girl now.”

He added, “We have to have a balance in the house. We’re making plans. Now it’s ‘we,’” he said in reference to Yosef.

As for their wedding? No date has been set ― “maybe this year” ― but Martin already has a few things in mind for the celebration.

“I want a big wedding,” he said. “I want a three day celebration, at least.”

As for whether or not he’ll be singing for his guests? 

“I want people to sing for me,” he laughed.



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