Ricky Martin Is Making Sure Twin Sons Will Be Trilingual (VIDEO)

WATCH: For Ricky Martin's Sons, Being Bilingual Is Not Enough

By Michael Lopez


Keep an eye on Ricky Martin’s sons Matteo and Valentino. By the sound of things, he’s grooming them to be future world leaders. During a recent Ellen appearance, the Puerto Rican pop star revealed that his boys are learning three languages.

Now Spanish and English are a given, but interestingly enough, Ricky is also schooling them in French. As he told DeGeneres, knowing multiple idiomas will be a major benefit when they get older.

“We speak Spanish at home, but they also speak English and French,” he revealed. “I want them to be exposed to everything.”

Martin also discussed his life in New York and how it is an ideal environment to raise a family.

“The beautiful thing about New York is that it is city full of diversity,” he added. “There is so much culture there.”

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