Ricky Martin's Concert Boycotted by the Church

Ricky Martin's tour started with accusations from self-proclaimed apostol Wanda Rolón, stating in a press conference that he was condemning Puerto Ricans to hell with his new tour: Music, Soul and Sex.

On March 22, 2011, three days before his first show, Wanda Rolón wrote on Facebook:

This weekend Puerto Rico receives a man saved and brought from hell to the light, Nicky Cruz, while another one pretends to drag us all to hell. RM [Ricky Martin] has been proclaimed its ambassador (hell's, that is). Puerto Rico wake up, everyone praise the lord. This is the island of the Lamb. Alert God.

This statement was later deleted, because angry Ricky Martin's fans reported the hate-speech through the site's abuse policy.

Pastor Wanda Rolón expressed her disapproval toward homosexuality in a press conference held on March 24, 2011 at the Capitolio. In said conference, she reinforced her opposition to Ricky Martin's behavior, stating that he was leading children and young people into the abominable world of homosexuality.

On Friday the 25th of March, a group of anti-homosexuality activists held a protest in front of the Choliseo, while avid Ricky Martin's fanatics arrived for the anticipated concert. Wanda Rolon's followers promised to be there for the remaining three days, condemning Ricky Martin's confessed sexual orientation and the nature of his concert. According to Wanda Rolón and this group, the whole island will join Satan in the afterlife, since four shows were completely sold out.

Ricky Martin hasn't responded to Wanda Rolón's accusations, but during his concerts he said, "Don't be afraid to live, Puerto Rico."