Ricky Ubeda's New York: Why He Loves The City

Ricky Ubeda who won So You Think You Can Dance (Season 11), made his Broadway debut in On the Town. He now plays the magical Mister Mistoffelees in the Broadway revival of Cats. He shared what he loves about New York for NewYork.com.

Dancing makes me feel present and alive. I knew I was going to dance forever from the first time I took a dance class when I was eight. I took a hip hop class with my sister because she was taking one. And then it took off.

I came to New York right off of the So You Think You Can Dance tour. I was 19 and had three days to learn the Broadway show, On the Town, which I did last year. It was very high stakes, but once I settled in, it was awesome. Back home in Miami, I grew up training as a concert dancer. I never really did theater until I made my Broadway debut. Once I did, I wanted to work really hard. And now I get to be a magical cat on Broadway!

I love the mix of cultures in New York. The city also has its own culture. Taking the subway like we do, taking taxis like we do. There's the tight space, the buildings. I know that it's really special, and I love it.