Florida Man + DUI + Lady Undies + Retirement Home = THIS

It was a big day for Florida Man.

Today's Florida Man is Rico Antwan Jones, a 28-year-old career prostitute from Tampa who allegedly crashed into a retirement home overnight while drunk. When police responded to the wreck, they found a gaping hole in the 13-story building. They also found Jones, down the street, wearing women's underwear, a bra and high heels.

dui crash

His vehicle crashed right next to the senior center's air vent, sending smoke billowing into the rooms above, according to the Tampa Bay Times. None of the 300 seniors living inside were evacuated or injured.

Jones -- also known as Diamond on the street -- has a long history of prostitution arrests, Bay News 9 reports. He fled the scene but was eventually apprehended and taken to Tampa General Hospital to be treated for injuries before he went to jail.

Police later accused him of being intoxicated during the crash. Officers had reportedly tried to pull him over moments before he obliterated the senior center wall.