This Is How Long It Takes To Ride To Every NYC Subway Stop

One man just took the ultimate ride in record time.

The New York City subway is one of the most fascinating systems in the world, with 21 routes that span more than 660 miles of total mainline track. And Matthew Ahn has ridden every single one of them, in what likely counts as record time.

Over the weekend, the 25-year-old lawyer rode to every single one of NYC’s 469 subway stops in just 21 hours, 49 minutes and 39 seconds in an attempt to retain his Guinness World Records title.

Ahn plotted his route on spreadsheets, he told the New York Post. He began around 2 a.m. on Friday and finished at 11:28 p.m., with Diet Coke, Cliff bars and water as his only fuel. We can only imagine what the day was like...

Ahn previously set the world record for fastest time traveling to all NYC subway stops last year. But with the addition of the new 34th Street-Hudson Yards stop this year, he had to ride again to reestablish his title.

Ahn is an admirable rider for many reasons: Last year, he also created a subway map that exposes how few stations are accessible to riders with disabilities.

We’re still waiting for a map of stations with pizza rats... or just plain pizza, for that matter. Enjoy your ride!