The Most Ridiculous Things That Happened In Air Travel In 2013

Air travel is always kind of ridiculous. But this year, there were some completely crazy things that happened in the world of airlines, airplanes and airports.

These were the moment this year that had us shaking our heads -- the WTF moments, if you will.

That time when...

  • Jetstar employees defaced luggage with stickers.
  • British Airways refused to fly an obese man home -- after they had already flown him in the opposite direction.
  • A massive plane landed at the wrong airport.
  • Part of a plane wing burst open... mid flight!
  • Delta canceled a passenger flight so the University of Florida men's basketball team could get to its game on time.
  • A naked passenger challenged an airplane captain to a fight and got tasered.
  • Qatar Airlines required female employees to ask permission to get married and have babies.
  • A study revealed airlines have made $27.1 billion off additional fees.
  • Ryanair charged a man to change his flight after his family died in a fire. They gave him a partial refund in the end. Really?
  • A teenager decided to wander around an airport and impersonate a flight attendant for several days.
  • Flybe organized an entire flight of redheads.
  • A computer outage caused major flight delays worldwide.
  • A U.S. Airways flight was delayed because of a swarm of bees.
  • Spirit Airlines turned Anthony Weiner's comeback campaign and accompanying scandal(s) into a crude advertisement.
  • Indian airline GoAir decided to hire only lightweight, female flight attendants...
  • It was reported that one in four flights is late. Shocking? No. Annoying? Yes.
  • United Airlines announced baggage fees will be "free" -- but only if you have a "checked baggage subscription." That subscription will cost you $349. So it's not really free. Good try, United.
  • Richard Branson dressed up like a flight attendant and it was hilarious.
  • And, of course, more airline fees were added. Check those out in the slideshow below.

    Airline Fees