10 Ridiculous Body-Shaming Comments Brides Received Before The Wedding

Bye, haters! 👋

Whatever happened to the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?”

Evidently, these insensitive people ― including the brides’ own family and friends ― didn’t get the memo. Below, 10 brides on the secret-sharing app Whisper share the ridiculous body-shaming comments they’ve actually received.

I feel sad that my mum didn't want to see me in my wedding dress when she visited. She said there was no point because I was too fat.
On my wedding day, my husband's aunt told me "you know, you don't look pregnant you just look fat". I was 36 and a half weeks pregnant. She wonders why I can't stand her.
My nan asked "should you really be eating that?" I was having my wedding cake
When I was getting my wedding dress altered the alterations lady said "you better lose some weight." Bitch, I'm not paying for your advice.
My mum was helping me shop for a wedding dress and said if you chose to lose some weight we could get this one. Why can't we shop for the body I have mum?
I'm a size 12-14 but I'm really short so I look fat. My mom said I need to lose a ton of weight so I won't have to get a bigger wedding dress and look like a fat bride...I'm the smallest person in every way at home...
My mil chose the morning of my wedding day to say that my dress makes me look pregnant. I'm just fat with even lower self esteem now
Just went to try on a wedding dress and the woman turned to me and said "So how much weight are you planning to lose?" I hadn't even got the dress over my head!! Harsh!! Xx
my mom told me she was embarrassed about my weight when we went wedding dress shopping and before my wedding 😢
The groomsmen for our wedding call me fat and ugly all the time. It's my fiancé's family so I don't say anything.
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