15 Ridiculous Facebook Items You Can Buy On Etsy (PHOTOS)

15 Ridiculous Facebook Items You Can Buy On Etsy

Online marketplace Etsy is no stranger to Internet-inspired handmade crafts, so our savvier readers might not have been surprised to see a photo of a bra with a Facebook "Like" thumb painted on it floating around sites like Buzzfeed this week.

But what those who aren't in the market for a brand new brassiere might not realize is that there's tons of ridiculous Facebook themed merchandise for sale on the site. After all, loud fashion statements aren't reserved for just ladies.

So for those of you out there looking to represent your social networks and turn some heads in the process, don't worry. We've got you covered with these 15 ridiculous items.

Like Cake Cross Stitch

Geekiest Facebook Items Currently For Sale On Etsy

That bra isn't the only big thing that happened for Facebook this week. Check out this video to see what we mean:

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