The Most Ridiculous Facebook Status Updates From Openbook (PHOTOS)

Openbook, a site that highlights Facebook users' most incriminating public status updates, was created in response to Facebook's new, more permissive, and "overly complex" privacy settings.

Openbook's creators insist many users weren't--and aren't--aware just how much they share through Facebook, and how those posts could easily be used against them. "Facebook's bait-and-switch on privacy and their overly complex settings cause many users to post messages intended for their friends to 'everybody,'" Openbook writes. "This privacy-malfunction could have serious consequences if you're looking for a job, applying for college, or trying to get medical insurance."

Openbook allows users to search public Facebook status updates to see what people have shared publicly about such potentially sensitive terms as "herpes" or "cheated." For example, "kill boss" reveals over 50 people who express a similar antipathy to their employers; their bosses could just as easily find that information. Openbook's goal is to encourage Facebook users to take control of their personal data.

We collected some of the most incriminating and outrageous Facebook status updates from Openbook, all of which are open to the public. Of course, some of the posts may be sarcastic, and others pranks.