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Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets You Don't Need But Really Want

From grill gadgets and egg molds to cookie cutters and corn kernelers, these gadgets are ridiculous ... and amazing.
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2013-04-30-2cornkernelerFancy_june.jpgLet's face it -- the kitchen can be an expensive place. With cookware, knife sets, and everything in between, stocking a kitchen can add up to a lot of money. Because it can be challenging to discern the difference between something you need and something you want, we often see experts in the industry doling out advice with lists of what's worth splurging on and what you really don't need in order to relieve you of stress and keep your kitchen as budget-friendly as it can be (Credit: Fancy_June).

This is not one of those lists. This list is a collection of kitchen tools and gadgets that aren't necessary for you to have -- and in some cases are just absurd -- but we secretly really want them, and that's why we're telling you about them today.

From grill gadgets and egg molds to cookie cutters and corn kernelers, these gadgets are what we would classify as ridiculous, but if money was no object in this world, we'd recommend that you buy them. If you're a grilling fanatic, you'll probably want to get your hands on a Two Way Hold Magnetic Grill Light and a Flameless Grill Smoker. Can't practice your perfect bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich skills during the week? Hamilton Beach's Breakfast Sandwich Maker is the perfect compromise for you when you're short on time and late for work. There's even more stuff for the egg fanatics, like a plucker that will make creating egg whites a snap and a nifty little tool that will add some much needed sunshine to your weekday morning.

Don't get us wrong, just because we're calling these products silly doesn't mean we don't think they're great. They're all fun toys and gadgets that we'd certainly spend our money on, but would you?

- Anne Dolce, The Daily Meal

Ridiculous Gadgets You Don't Need But Really Want