6 Ridiculous Women's Products Designed To Make You Less 'Gross'

Seriously, could women be an ickier? We've got hair in places we shouldn't, we smell, our thighs are dimpled -- HOW DO ANY OF US EVEN DEAL? Fortunately, manufacturers are on it, making all manner of potions and products to mitigate the ick just wafting off women and into the universe.

We kid, of course. Women are beautiful, and when you stop to really think about it, everything our bodies do -- scents, hair and all -- is just cause for unabashed wonder and awe. The female body is incredible, full stop.

But alas, not everyone got the memo. Here, in no particular order, are six of the most absurd (and occasionally dangerous) products out there designed to make us ladies less "gross." Get it together, makers of every item on this list. Signed, all women, everywhere.

#1: Vaginal Douches

6 Ridiculous Products That Make Women Less "Gross"

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