13 #RidiculousExcusesToStayHome -- Boomer-Style

Who among us doesn't play a silly hashtag game once in awhile?

Hey, who among us is above playing a silly hashtag game every once in awhile? We spotted #RidiculousExcusesToStayHome trending on Twitter and could recognize the fine hand of midlifers behind some of them. If you have more, feel free to contribute in comments below. Here are some of our favorites: 

 1. On that day when we just can't drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, it sure feels like this famous Jules Feiffer cartoon is speaking to us.

2. If our kids can do this, why can't we?

3. And let's not even talk about the plumber. 

4. Didn't Alfred Hitchcock make a movie about this once?

5. Our bad. He made this one.


6. The 60s never really died, did they?

7. No, why no they didn't.


8. We put it on our pets a lot.

9. See what we mean?

10. Did she really?

11. You may be pushing it with this one.

12. This, at least, is believable.

13. And most believable of all.

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