Ridiculously Good Looking Dogs and Their People

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Here at Mrs. Sizzle, we pride ourselves in being the "go to" fashion spot for discerning pet owners. With Fall in full tilt and dogs needing an extra bit of cozy, we asked some of the most gorgeous dogs we know to model with their owners on the streets of NYC. While we were shooting this dog show, we asked their parents: "What's the one thing you love most about your dog?".


"The thing I love most about Waylon is that although she's tiny, she's got huge ears, the sweetest personality and unconditional love for those who love her."

"I guess my favorite thing at the moment is how Monster patiently waits for me to open my eyes when I am sleeping."


"I love their company, but mostly, when they come to snuggle, asking for attention, they are the best girls!"


"All her contradictions! Indie is so many characters in a small sausage package. She's a smart, playful, funny firecracker of a stubby weenie that's also so well behaved and attentive! She's both completely independent and yet such a smush, and completely my partner in crime. She always gets me and knows what I need from her, and quite simply is my best friend and morning smile, first thing, every day."


"The one thing I love about Kain is his personality. My boyfriend once said, "If Kain were a human, he'd be the kid from Jerry Maguire." Kain is allergic to just about everything under the sun except his raw vision diet. He's smart but stubborn, has a tiny muscular frame but the heart of a massive pooch. Kain is quick to give you a side eye if he's less than enthused with your humanly antics. The list could go on and on but I'll stop there!"


A key ingredient to make this shoot happen was the brilliant help of casting director Jennifer Berry, who I'd previously worked with at Glamour Magazine. Jen has been casting models for numerous magazines for over 25 years. She most recently worked at Matchbook company as Vice President of casting. We had an amazing time collaborating and you will see more of Jen's work on Mrs. Sizzle soon!


Behind the lens was photographer Emmy Park who shoots street style for Vogue Japan and has a hot dog Instagram account called STYLEPUP.