Ridley Scott Rips 'Nutcase' Donald Trump's Coronavirus Response

The legendary director said there are “very few worthwhile” politicians.

Ridley Scott is less than impressed with President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with Variety published Thursday, the legendary director was asked about how politicians worldwide are handling the public health crisis that has now sickened more than 520,000 people and killed at least 23,000.

“Particularly with this orange-headed fellow that’s running us, he’s a nutcase, isn’t he?” responded Scott, who paused production of his upcoming movie “The Last Duel” earlier this month amid concern over the outbreak.

“Looking at the globalization of the politicians that are running the world, half the time being run by idiots and the other time by despots, there are very few worthwhile ones, if you know what I mean,” Scott said. “No one wants to go into politics. If anyone has half a brain, they wouldn’t want to go into politics anyway, right?”

Scott did single out New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) for praise, however, suggesting the governor would “put himself on the map certainly” with his calm and straightforward briefings.

British-born Scott, 82, acknowledged “old geezers like me have gotta watch my back.” People over 65 are considered to be at a higher risk of having severe complications from COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

Scott also suggested the introduction of rationing to minimize food waste from stockpiling.

“In England as well, I mean, Jesus, Boris, get out your thinking cap, ’cause what we’re now talking on is an iPhone, a perfect coupon distributor to limit what you can buy each time you go to the shops,” he said, referencing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced Friday that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

“And that way, you have order,” Scott said. “You must have order and calm.”

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