Rielle Hunter 2012: Where Is She Now?

Rielle Hunter declared she would love John Edwards "til death do us part" in an infamous interview she gave to GQ in 2010, but a few things have changed since then.

As Edwards' criminal trial unfolds, salacious details about his affair with Hunter have emerged, but now their romance seems to be over.

Hunter currently lives with Frances Quinn, her daughter with Edwards, in Charlotte, N.C., a couple of hours from Edwards' Chapel Hill home. Last month the New York Post reported that Edwards visits Hunter and their daughter every few weeks, but they don't seem romantic when they're out in public. Hunter no longer works and has been seen at yoga class and taking Quinn on play dates.

A source told People last year that Hunter and Edwards are raising Quinn together and Hunter is trying to stay positive.

"She is doing okay," the source said. "She doesn't dwell on the negative and is a glass half full kind of person. She is focusing on her daughter."

Hunter is on the witness list for Edwards' trial, but she has not been called to testify yet.

Below are some of the most interesting revelations from Hunter's GQ interview: