Rielle Hunter Wanted To Claim Abduction By Aliens

John Edwards managed to get an aide, Andrew Young, to claim paternity of his love child, but the mother of the child had another idea for hiding their affair.

Rielle Hunter wanted to issue a statement that she had been "abducted by aliens," Christina Reynolds, former research director for Edwards campaign, testified Wednesday.

"My concern was that if (she) was hedging on issuing a straight denial, we wouldn't know what she would do," Reynolds said, according to ABC News.

After the National Enquirer published a photo of a pregnant Hunter in December 2007, Edwards issued a statement that Young was the father of the unborn child, and Hunter moved in with Young and his wife. Hunter issued her own statement that Young was the father. Edwards did not come forward with the truth until 2010.

Hunter is no longer romantically involved with Edwards, but he regularly visits her in Charlotte, N.C., where she lives with their daughter.

Below are some of the most interesting revelations from Hunter's infamous 2010 GQ interview: