John Edwards Trial: Cheri Young 'Wanted Proof' She 'Really Was Taking Care Of Rielle Hunter'

Cheri Young, wife of John Edwards' former aide Andrew Young, defended a video she shot in the home of Edwards' mistress Rielle Hunter, saying she wanted "proof" that she "really was taking care of Rielle Hunter."

"I wanted proof that I really was taking care of Rielle Hunter," Young testified on Tuesday.

Young secretly videotaped the inside of Hunter's home and several of her personal items in September 2008. Among the items filmed was a list of potential baby names.

Hunter was in California at the time and gave no consent for the taping, which Young said she did in order to have proof she was contributing to Hunter's living, medical and travel expenses. The Youngs helped Edwards cover up his mistress while the former senator campaigned for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Reuters reports:

Young has testified that Edwards asked him to falsely claim paternity of the woman's child as part of an elaborate cover-up to protect his married boss' image and to keep Edwards' cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth from finding out about the affair.

The defense has portrayed Andrew Young as the mastermind behind the secret payments from two wealthy donors, arguing he used much of the money for his own benefit and as a result is not a trustworthy witness.

The defense began its cross-examination of Cheri Young on Tuesday by focusing on how she had little or no direct contact with the supporters who provided the payments, Fred Baron and Rachel "Bunny" Mellon.

Young said she often was present when her husband was having relevant phone discussions about the money but could recall only a handful of times she actually heard both sides of the conversations.