Riga - Through a Local's Eyes

Four Riga locals share their favorite tips and recommendations, spanning everything from markets, like Latgalīte market and Central market, to bookstores like Robert's Books.
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Riga according to our four locals, Anete, Diana, Marta & Martins:

"It is impossible to feel bored here." -Anete Bauere

"Riga is my life; my past, present and future. And I cannot stop myself from wanting to know every little thing about it." -Diana Lace

"The dynamics of my ever changing city with its preservable spirit is what I love." - Marta Tomase

"Riga is a very special place for me." - Martins Veidemanis

Together, these four locals supply visitors to Riga, be it for tourists or other locals, with their favorite tips and recommendations. And their tips range from markets, like Latgalīte market and the Central Market, to bookstores, like Robert's Books.

On a more creative side, there are tips like The Republic of Miera street, and Hobbywool.

In case of a coffee craving, the Spotters recommend Kafka kafija for really good coffee and for dinner there's:

For more of their recommendations check out the city blog for Riga. In case you want to carry these tips with you, download the iPhone or Android app!

Just a Few Riga Tips!