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How To Pick The Right Color For Your Baby's Nursery

When choosing a color for your baby's nursery, color expert Linda Lauren told HuffPost Live on Monday that it's all about picking relaxing colors for the newborn.

The color and energy analyst told host Nancy Redd that parents should create a sense of relaxation and security for their baby, and she recommended colors like orange and yellow.

"Orange is really good for energy, giving the baby energy and knowing what you want in that room," Lauren said. "Yellow [sparks] creativity, but it's also helping that baby in terms of stomach issues because it's a chakra for the stomach area."

Rajesh Bagchi, a professor at the Pamplin College of Business, also joined the conversation to provide a little history on the truth behind pink and blue. He said in the early 19th century, pink was actually associated with boys and blue with girls.

"[Pink] showed more energy and boisterousness, whereas blue was more demure and classy, and so on. It's not until [the] 1940s or '50s that people even started switching the colors" due to a "great marketing machinery," he said.

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