People Are Freaking Out Over This Hilarious Gay Porn Salad Video (NSFW)

Know your meme!

The opening clip from a gay porn where two men in aprons have sex in a kitchen while a woman unknowingly eats a salad across from them has gone viral. 

People are obsessed with how she responds when she finally “realizes” the two guys are having sex: “Are you guys fucking? Are you serious?! Right in front of my salad?!” 

Check out the (very NSFW) video below.

The clip, which Buzzfeed reports is taken from a Men.com adult film, began making its rounds on Tumblr over the weekend, and then spilled onto other social media platforms early this week. 

The “right in front of my salad?!” meme has now officially become this week’s internet obsession ― and we are so here for it.

Thanks, internet!!!