RIGHT NEXT DOOR: Ann Moore, Art Gallery Owner/Former Chairman and CEO of Time Inc.


After a highly successful 33-year career that saw her ascend to the top of Time Inc., Moore went from the boardroom to the ground floor of the art world when she opened a gallery in Chelsea, the art-centric neighborhood in Manhattan. "It's fun," she says, and her overarching goal is to help talented young artists grow, as well as impress upon young professionals the importance of investing in the arts. She likens herself in her second career to a matchmaker -- a connection point "...between the kids who have too much and the artists who have too little."

Visit Ann's gallery site at http://www.thecuratorgallery.com The current show at the gallery is called Above & Beyond: Photographs by Kacper Kowalski. The show is curated by Bill Shapiro, the former editor-in-chief of LIFE. Kacper shoots amazing aerial shots of his native Poland.