RIGHT NEXT DOOR: Harry Benson, Legendary Photographer

Call Harry Benson the Zelig of modern photography: He came to the U.S. with the Beatles in 1964 and took what are certainly the most candid shots of the young Fab Four. He has photographed every U.S. President since Eisenhower. As a Fleet Street, LIFE Magazine and freelancer, he's made pictures of wars, the Civil Rights movement and countless celebrities, actors and politicians. In essence, he's the consummate assignment photographer who for more than 60 years has immersed himself in whatever subject was most crucial to document that particular day. After so many years making photographs you would think he may be slowing down, not just yet. Not long ago he was commissioned by a British woman to take an official portrait. Her name? Queen Elizabeth II. Whether he's photographing music royalty or royalty royalty, Benson always gets the shot he's after.

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