RIGHT NEXT DOOR: Mark Guglielmo, Rapper, Artist, Photographer

RIGHT NEXT DOOR: Mark Guglielmo, Rapper, Artist, Photographer
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Somewhat distracted and aimless when he was in high school, Guglielmo finally began to find himself when a friend gave him an early hip-hop LP -- which led him to start writing rhymes and recording his own music. Inspiration was found. Nonetheless, when Guglielmo went to college it was not to necessarily pursue a music career. As fate would have it, his college roommate had a full studio set up in their room, and they collaborated for nearly twenty years. As easy as it would be to follow his peers into finance, boundries were broken, and he left Philadelphia for Los Angeles to follow his dream. After years of struggle, he found a modem of success producing beats for television shows like MTV's Pimp My Ride. Now 44 years old, the latest chapter in Guglielmo's life took him to an artsy community in Massachusetts. Away from the grind of NYC, he still produces music for himself and other musicians, and is now exploring fine art.

See Mark make an unplanned rhyme here: https://vimeo.com/126203383

Interview by Robert Ihlenfeldt

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