RIGHT NEXT DOOR: Paul and Gilbert Delagnes, Confection Artists

Paul and Gilbert Delanges along with pup Bruno © Ian Spanier Photography 2015, All rights reserved

The moment Paul and Gilbert met, sparks flew -- and they've never abated. Since their first date a decade and a half ago, the couple have spent just one night apart, and they've become professional as well as personal partners. Through their business, Bread Basket Cake Company, based in Camarillo, California, they make beautiful cakes, cookies and desserts for weddings and other special occasions -- including some minor events called the Golden Globes, the Emmys and the Oscars. Their collaboration is complementary: Gilbert devises the recipes; Paul designs the confections' elegant appearance.
What's next? A yet-to-be-named reality show, of course (this is Los Angeles, after all)- Currently filming at the bakery. An array of new products, too, led by Bruno's Cookies, a line of pet treats named after the couple's English Golden Retriever. Paul says he's a little jealous that Gilbert created the dog goodies before creating a dessert inspired by Paul himself. That's a minor relationship quibble, though -- and this devoted, increasingly well-known partnership looks set to keep delivering sweetness for years to come.