Right Now On Craigslist!

It takes a lot of energy just to give something away. On my last move I posted my old desk for free and the listing gave me nothing but grief. I spent hours replying to bizarre people and every one of them asked for the dimensions even though I'd put them in the listing. I had one guy that simply sent me a message, "I have a Ford Tempo." Turns out he wanted to know if the desk would fit. I had no idea, but suggested he fold the seats down and measure the inside. He got angry with me. This was his response.


I was honest with him.


I thought that would have ended it.



Here's a quick glance at what's on craigslist this week. My free listing was a one-off and a decent item, but it's evident that the people giving this junk away are as mental as the buyers.

Thanks so much for the well-needed instructions. I had no idea a futon was so diverse.

From tit to ground, to your tit. Congrats on the new baby.

It's a trap! This is definitely the adult equivalent of the 'free candy' van.

Donald Trump could eat (pretend to eat) his KFC off this and have some fun circling all of the foreign countries where his Trump products are manufactured.

I can't even.

Because you really want to visit the set of a 'Saw' film.

Thanks for reading,
Tommy Campbell