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Right-wing: Regulating Gun Rights -- Bad; Regulating Voting Rights -- Good.

For the right-wing, shooting must be protected from any restrictions. Voting, however, must be as restricted as possible.
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It so happens that two man-made controversies have burst onto the national stage at about the same time. Republican-controlled state legislatures are doing whatever they can to restrict the right to vote, while at the same time right-wing politicians, in state and national government, are resisting background checks and limitations on weapons' destructive power.

There have been more than 3,700 gun-related deaths since the Sandy Hook massacre, and the right-wing appears hell-bent-for-leather to block any regulation of firearms. By contrast, between 2000-2010 there were 13 cases of voter fraud among 649,000,000 voters cast. Yet, consider the political firepower directed at "solving" this non-existent problem.

The juxtaposition becomes even more telling when one considers that gun regulations that the right-wing resists are designed to reduce the number of deaths whereas the voting rights regulations they seek to impose would reduce the number of votes, mostly from people of color.

So, for the right-wing, shooting must be protected from any restrictions. Voting, however, must be as restricted as possible. Background checks to purchase a gun are required only at gun stores; there are no checks at gun shows where 40 percent of the guns are sold. That would be similar to requiring voters to be registered to vote in person, but not if you are voting by mail, or where only 60 percent of the voting sites required ID. No one would even consider such a patchwork system for voting.

To vote, a person must be registered. To register, the right-wing is imposing greater and greater limitations. In Florida last year, right-wing Governor Rick Scott made it a crime to register a voter and not turn in the registration forms within a set time. Teachers were denied their First Amendment rights to encourage their 18-year-old students that they register to vote.

And, what is among the major bugaboos of the right? That guns may be registered at all.

So, for the right-wing, people must be registered and their contact information freely available or they cannot exercise their right to vote. But, registering guns violates rights. Even Bill O'Reilly cannot fathom that one.

The right-wing proclaims that imposing difficult voting laws to eliminate a 0.0000002 percent incidence of voter fraud is critical business for our government, but that requiring reasonable restrictions on guns to reduce the rate of 3,700+ gun-related deaths just in the last 100 days is, well, nobody's business.

Is pulling the trigger more fundamental to democracy than pulling the lever?

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