Right-Wing Wars

Republicans are engaged in a domestic war.

On the national level and in state legislature after state legislature rights and freedoms are being usurped by right-wing zealots who falsely invoke the Constitution and Christianity.

For a party that claims a strong desire for limited government and personal freedom, Republicans' inject themselves into the lives of others with complete disregard for their well-being or right to personal freedoms.

Are Republicans' inherently hypocrites?

Evidence suggests that hypocrisy is rampant throughout the Republican Party at all levels. Their complete disregard for the truth and their coordinated obfuscation of the facts suggests a party-wide effort to deceive and divide despite their recent proffered transformation.

But their continued efforts to impose right-wing ideologies are beginning to back-fire!

A recently reformatted caring and compassionate persona is already beginning to unravel as the various factions within the party struggle to maintain control, each trying to forge the path of the party -- each ridiculously stupid solution succeeded by an even more inane idea.

Their paths, however, remain tenuous, given the split in the party and the threats -- blackmail -- of primary challenges should a legislator vote contrary to the prevailing conservative ideology.

The Republican National Committee, desperate to change their image and the public's perception of their party, announced the new direction at the 2013 conference, but their actions depict no such change.

Despite the revelation of inclusion and softening, their animus toward black and brown people; women; seniors; laborers; veterans; students; and the poor remains inexorably unchanged. They brazenly exhibit animosity in state after state, bill after bill, and action after action.

It is a war with nefarious intentions, covert in its methodical implementation, built on lies and a right-wing agenda that attacks the most vulnerable in our society. This war is supported and promoted by our friends at Fox News and their hosts

Recent actions in North Carolina, the surreptitious last minute insertion of a Ruth Samuelson (R) abortion amendment into a motorcycle safety bill, and, in Texas, a special session in the Senate to ram another abortion bill through that would eliminate health centers critical to Texas womens' health, are indications of subversion of the democratic process. Their deceptive methods are unhealthy for the American people; unhealthy for a democracy.

The spurious deeds of Transvaginal Bob in Virginia are well-documented, but there is another miscreant governor in Wisconsin who shamelessly signed a transvaginal bill on a Friday evening of the July 4th weekend away from the view of Wisconsinites. Both are facing charges of political corruption at the present time.

The ugliness of the red states was further displayed immediately following the Supreme Court ruling on the Voters Rights Act, in effect striking down Section 4. States, all still violators of the VRA, announced they were going ahead with voter suppression measures they tried to enact prior to the 2012 election.

Their war against black voters, Hispanic voters, seniors, and students failed as people in suppressed areas endured heat and extraordinary lines, some with waits up to nine hours, to ensure Republicans could not further their oppressive agenda.

The 30-year secrets of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council (Stand Your Ground, voter ID laws, abortion laws, etc.) are now being exposed. The behind-the-scenes funding of organizations like Americans for Tax Reform, Club For Growth, and Americans For Prosperity have emerged to subvert democracy clouded in secrecy.

Republicans have been at war against every regulatory agency that protects American citizens.

The battle being waged for the last 30 years has been the cause of every major disaster in America: the financial crises, destruction of the middle class, the Gulf oil spill, the huge deficit, declining education, major corporate bankruptcies, out-of-control fires, rise in damaging floods, the increase in the cost of education and healthcare, declining savings, and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Republicans spend a tremendous amount of energy lying to the American people blaming society's ills on the poor, immigrants, and the infirm, subverting attention from their destructive actions.

Their ideologies help very few Americans; fail on many levels to move this country forward; obscure and confuse the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

And their wars on women, blacks, Hispanics, unions, students, the middle class, veterans, seniors, and the poor have escalated rather than diminished.

This right-wing war must end if this country is ever to move forward! We must make it small enough to drown in a bath tub.

We can only do that by participating at the polls -- by voting! We must make them pay for their destruction, for their lies, and for their obvious hatred of mankind.

In 2014 'we' can end the Republican war.

And all it takes is you; your vote.

'We' can't fail this time!