Rihanna's Beyoncé Diss Is Not A Real Thing, World

“We don’t need to be putting black women against each other!"

Rihanna is twirling on the haters. 

Internet users were buzzing after Rihanna liked an Instagram that seemingly threw shade at Beyoncé over one of her 2017 Grammy nominations. Beyoncé was nominated for nine awards Tuesday, including “Song of the Year” for “Formation.” Rihanna is nominated for eight, but did not earn a nod in the “Song of the Year” category. 

Shortly after the nominations were announced, Rihanna liked an Instagram post from a fan account of a photo of her from Barbados’ Kadooment Day parade last year. Innocent enough, right? Alas, the caption hinted at her missing out on “Song of the Year” because the Grammys didn’t want Queen Bey usurped, BuzzFeed reported. 

Rihanna made it clear her double-tap love was only for the photo and not for the caption or sentiment expressed in it.

As the Shade Room pointed out, the “Kiss It Better” singer commented on the account’s post to push back against pitting black women against each other and to encourage celebrating their achievements instead. 

Period. Full stop. 

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