Rihanna, Chris Brown Over? The Two Stars Attended The Same Nightclub Event, Not Once Spoke To Each Other (REPORT)(VIDEO)

Are Rihanna And Chris Brown Over?

Could one of Hollywood's most controversial couples be crumbling under the flak it's been getting?

Superstars Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly on the outs, according to MailOnline. A breakup would make it a whirlwind on-again off-again, since just this week the two looked inseparable at the Grammy Awards and appeared stronger than ever when Rihanna accompanied Brown to his probation hearing.

MailOnline exclusively reports that Ri and Brown both arrived at the Playhouse Nightclub in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Chris showed up at around midnight with a 20-person entourage and Rihanna, who reportedly did not know he was there, showed up half an hour later.

The two were at the club to celebrate Popular Demand's 1 Year Anniversary and, according to MailOnline, when Rihanna was asked if she wanted to sit by her purported boyfriend, she asked to be seated elsewhere. "Rihanna refused to sit with or even near Chris, and when Chris noticed she was there he made a huge show of rubbing his presence in her face," a source told MailOnline.

And yet, Rihanna stayed away the whole night. The two were even seen leaving the club separately and according to MailOnline's source, they never communicated once the entire time they were there.

Many questions arise from this alleged breakup. Just yesterday it was reported that Katy Perry, once BFFs with Rihanna, has now pulled away because she "doesn't approve" of her relationship with Brown. Could this cool-off between the two love birds be her doing? Or is it something Rihanna herself hinted at in her Rolling Stone interview, when she said Brown "doesn't have the luxury of fucking up again"?

And if this all happened Wednesday night, then who gifted Rihanna with a pot of pot a day later? Rihanna uploaded the photo to her Instagram account yesterday and was also spotted spending Valentine's eve by herself at a party in Hollywood.

For more details on RiRi and Brown's night out, head over to the Daily Mail.

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